Monkey King Main Play
Main Play Angle View
Main Play Back View

Main Monkey King Play Structure

There are so many different challenges and things to explore, we can’t name them all here. But a partial list includes cargo net climbing, a shielded ball shooter zone with ball fountain, climbing tunnels,  a wave slide, rope bridges, moonwalk bridges, dodge and duct mazes, a plush play area specifically for toddlers, and more.

Green Structure

Our second play structure  features more advanced challenges for kids who are ready for the next level. Players can challenge themselves or compete with friends by traversing a series of obstacles to reach targets of various difficulty levels.

Green Structure

Green Play Structure

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe environment where parents can bring their kids to play while they relax, work, or grab a bite to eat. When the weather get’s nasty and the park playgrounds are a mess, you can come to Monkey King Play Palace and be warm, dry, and well fed while having a blast! We aren’t just a refuge from the storm, though. Monkey King Play Palace is open year round and we have air conditioning, so we’re a good place to escape that summer heat wave as well.

These activities stimulate a child’s imagination, help them to develop strength, coordination, and build self confidence, as well as learn to play well with others. 

We are located in Beaverton at Twin Oaks Drive and Cornell Road (16365 NW Twin Oaks Dr, Beaverton, OR 97006). Bring your kids by today and watch them play to their heart’s content!


Bring your whole family for a fun and exciting experience.
Play, eat and drink, don’t forget the socks!


Got a birthday party?
We help plan from the cups to the cake and entertainment.


Taking a break from the fun.
Enjoy our delicious meals, drinks and desserts.